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The Architecture team work day and night to bring you the most unique & visually appealing designs, all while creating a sustainable building, to our clients from around the world.

We are constantly receiving invitations to tender for projects such as High End Residential, Corporate Buildings, Hotels & Casinos as well as Civil Engineering.

Our Architecture has been nominated for design awards from around the world.

This service compliments our full project management service, bringing a consistent design theme into the Interior Architecture as well.

Our clients are tired of the same boring homes & skyscrapers that look either like the house next door or a building that blends in with the skyline.

We at River House Decor cc provide each client with a one of a kind design that will leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

Fee's are negotiable and is dependant on the specific project.

Please Contact Us for more information on this service or visit our main website AD Group - www.anglodistributors.com

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