Welcome to our Concept page. Here you will find some projects we are currently working on or have previously completed.

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 We offer clients a 3D designing service, of which we go through a complicated & timely process of designing your project.

Through our group of companies, we can offer you Architecture, Construction, Interior Design & Interior Architecture & Consulting, in a turn key solution.

Please visit our main website AD Group - www.anglodistributors.com

This service entails numerous consultations (worldwide), sample boards, video walk through presentations, 3D conceptual visualization (red & blue glasses), research & development, interior decorating (internal & external), free hand drawings, life like algorithmic lighting rendering, render trial & error & most importantly, working within budgets & deadlines.

Most Interior Decorators & Interior Architects design only the corners & layout, everything else is 3D models, downloaded,

Placed throughout the floor space & labeled "Personalized Service". We at AD Group / River House Decor are not fortunate enough to cut corners in design.

Our design team create all products we supply, (excluding appliances, lifts etc.). In most cases, your logo/family initials are engraved into each piece.

Furthermore, we would like to assure our clients of exclusivity, all of our designs are unique & tailored to suit your requirements.

Our service includes custom Kitchens, Dining Room Tables, Servers, Pedestals, Lounge Suites, Arm Chairs, Ottomans, Storage Furniture, Bedroom Suites, Wardrobes,

Skirting, Doors, Ceilings, Corners, Mirrors, Lighting, Chandeliers, Drapery, Linen, Pillows, Fabrics, Cutlery, Gold Plating, Bathroom Accessories, Toilets & Basins,

Custom L.E.D. Fittings, Elevators, Home Automation, Architecture, Construction, Dry Walling, Appliances & Various Custom Made Glass Items.

Lead Time for this service is generally between 1.5 Weeks & 6 Weeks and more.

Lead Time for design & manufacturing is generally between 2 Weeks & 12 Weeks and more.

For Construction enquiries, we can always aim to beat any reputable price from another vendor of similar stature.

Please note that you may choose to only use our designs, however our designing requires attention to detail in every instance.

You are more than welcome to get a quotation for our other services such as Curtains, Blinds, Couches, Lampshades & more by contacting us.

Pricing will be calculated in your local currency upon written confirmation.

We take pleasure in accepting projects worldwide & would like to reassure you of our logistical strategy in place.

We have quoted / completed projects in South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Dubai, Europe, United States of America & Canada.


***Please be advised your I.P. address will be recorded in order to protect our designs. Unauthorized use of our designs will result

in the necessary legal action to the full extent of the law.  To view more of our designs, exclusively, in our VIP online store with the option to license

designs of our furniture (single items) with complete specifications & instructions & view our gold plated furniture & other concepts, click here.

**Where the "$" symbol/character is showing, we indicate U.S. Dollars. Conversion will take place on the date of payment.

*We may have to refuse your order if our factories are at full capacity, we sincerely apologize.