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tailor made curtains

We will custom manufacture your curtains according to your specific window sizes, design / color preferences and most importantly, according to your budget.  Some buildings may require specialized brackets for the modern drop ceilings or for bay and circular walls - we have the ability to manufacture the required brackets and rails in most cases.  We are also constantly providing clients with electronic / automated curtain & blind systems that integrates with your home automation system and mobile devices.

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various designs, accessories & specifications

There are various curtain designs to choose from (click on the images below to open the popular designs) and an endless amount of fabric design & color choices (we will bring out physical samples to you or we can recommend options based on your preferences and budget requirements) as well as accessories that will compliment the finished product.  You are also able to request specialized lining for the curtains that will aid in thermal / heat retention, sound / acoustic reduction and sunlight avoidance as used in hotels.

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pricing and quotations

Many clients prefer an on-site consultation in order to view the fabric samples in the room while some prefer to send us rough estimate sizes of their windows in order for us to quote vie email.  The pricing of curtains can vary substantially depending on the actual fabric used - this is the majority of the pricing factor and many clients opt for the more expensive imported fabrics but we are usually able to find similar fabric designs and colors at much lower costs.  If your home is still in the construction stage, we can work off the floor plans and assist you in making an informative decision in terms of both design aesthetics and budget appropriations.