Terms & Conditions of Sale:

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All orders must be accompanied by a SIGNED Sales Order form with the following Terms and Conditions of Sale before Manufacturing/Delivery may commence unless item 3 (set out below) is applicable to the relevant situation. 

1. The Purchaser (You) agrees that he/she has been explained the entire contents of this order & agrees that he/she has not been pressured in any way into signing this order by the seller (River House Decor cc) or its agents.

2. As all goods are custom ordered and made, we cannot cancel or refund the purchaser once this document (Sales Order) has been signed off by both parties, strictly no refunds. We do not accept cash/cheques at our shop, please do a EFT or pay by card. Strictly no refunds. The seller cannot be liable if furniture items ordered cannot be delivered/damaged in the purchasers premises for any reason whatsoever. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that all furnishings items can fit in his/her house.

3. Should the purchaser make the deposit without signing the condition of sale agreement off then it will be deemed that he/she has read these conditions and agreed to them by virtue of paying in the deposit amount. The sale is subject to River House Decor cc terms & conditions.

4. The purchaser & seller agrees to the full conditions of sale agreement item 1 to 38 & accepts them by his/her signature on the bottom of the first page of the mentioned Sales Order.

5. All deliveries/installations will only be conducted between normal business hours (8am to 5pm) & excludes public holidays etc. Re deliveries will attract additional charges.

6. The prices quoted do not include after hour rates for deliveries and installations. River House Decor cc cannot be held liable for any delays caused for any losses incurred to the purchaser due to any delays caused for whatsoever reason regarding this order.

7. No verbal variation to this order will be allowed unless it is noted & signed in all 4 copies on the document by the purchaser & seller.

8. All additional items must be placed as a new order, and the required deposit must be paid to start the order.

9. Only when payment 1 + payment 2 is fully paid and reflects in River House Decor cc bank account, above goods will be released for collection or delivery. Due to fraud we do not accept bank transfer slips as proof of payment.

10. Should you need your goods urgently then we suggest that you do a cash deposit to River House Decor cc FNB account. Under no circumstances will goods be released for delivery/collection without payment 1 and payment 2.

11. All collections will be from our Johannesburg warehouse 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday only. River House Decor cc, 18 Production Rd, Amalgam, Johannesburg. Tel: 011 830 0830. The warehouse cannot accept any payments.

12. We do not accept C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) nor do we accept cheques.

13. Goods paid for in full or not collected within 60 days of completion of order will be sold to defray costs.

14. Goods partly paid for and not collected within 60 days of completion will also be sold to defray costs.

15. Ownership of delivered goods will only transfer to the purchaser after the full purchase sum has been paid in full.

16. Goods sold on sale or promotion are sold strictly as is (voetstoets).

17. The purchaser will allow the seller or his agents free uninterrupted access to deliver and install.

18. All prices quoted are subject to fluctuations in VAT. All prices quoted subject to revision, should there be any legitimate error on behalf of the seller. The seller is not responsible for any losses suffered  by the purchaser because of this.

19. The Seller reserves the right to repossess the goods on this order at any time, should the full purchase price not be paid after delivery. The seller may at any time after delivery exercise the right explained in this paragraph. No agreement which may lead to the extension of payment of the purchase sum shall distract from any right under this agreement. Should goods on this agreement be delivered at different times, then the purchase price of each article will become payable three days before delivery.

20. Our drivers or couriers are instructed not to deliver goods if full payment is not received before delivery.

21. The seller undertakes to execute all deliveries as soon as possible and according to the expected delivery dates as specified on this document but does not accept any liability for any damages  which may be suffered as a result of a delay with such delivery. Expected delivery dates is subject to the seller receiving the respective fabrics within three working days of receiving cleared funds deposit payment. Expected delivery dates will therefore be pro rata to date of receipt of fabrics. The seller will not be held liable for delays due to strikes, electricity interruptions etc.

22. Factory guarantees are as follows:

 a) The seller undertakes to assist the purchaser in the event of a guarantee claim. The purchasers to produce proof of purchase & list of complaints. Please fax & email these documents to our head office and confirm. Fax - 086 665 1071 or email elizabeth@lamps.co.za or ivan@lamps.co.za & CC e.p@me.com

 b) The purchaser will however be responsible to deliver the damaged items to the sellers factory premises and to collect the articles again after they have been repaired at the Purchasers cost (for delivery).

23. a) A supplier guarantee of 1 year is applicable for couch frame & workmanship, on normal wear and tear and not on abusive usage of the purchased items. The supplier will determine whether the goods will be replaced or repaired. No guarantee on any fabrics.

24. River House Decor cc or its agents or contractors will not be held liable for any losses to you or your property during delivery and installation. The purchaser agrees that he/she is adequately insured for such losses. Chips and Breakage on walls/tiles my be unavoidable due to the structure of your building. River House Decor cc will not be liable for the replacement or repairing of these problems.

25. A 20% handling fee will be applicable of the total  purchase price on all cancelled orders (where the seller at his sole discretions agrees to such a cancellation.)

26. The purchaser agrees to pay for all collection and legal fees for returned cheques, any returned payments and all other costs that the seller incurs to recover the full purchase amount from the purchaser under this agreement.

27. A storage fee of 7.5% per month of value goods will be levied on goods not collected within 30 days of completion of this order.

28. Interest at the rate of 6% per annum above the current bank prime rate will be charged for all overdue amounts and also for goods not collected within 30 days of completion.

29. Any verbal/physical abuse to any River House Decor cc management, staff or contractors will result in legal action and prosecution against the purchaser an or the purchasers agents.

30. All payments must be made to the River House Decor cc FNB banking details as shown on the front page of the sales order and at the bottom of this page. Payment to any other account will constitute fraud  and goods will not be released for delivery.

31. It is mutually agreed that Randburg, Gauteng, is chosen as the magestrial district for any disputes arising from this agreement.

32. Only the conditions as set out in this agreement will for the basis of the contract between the seller and the purchaser, it is further understood that no other conditions or guarantees given by the seller or his agents is binding unless it has been greed upon as a written and signed amendment to this contract. Domicile for the seller and signed amendment to this contract.

33. All curtains can only be done once all components are ready. The installation fee is for one call out fee only.

34. River House Decor cc is not responsible for any loss/damages incurred due to a result of wallpaper installation. River House Decor cc does not install wallpaper under any circumstances. The Purchaser has a choice of installers to use, however the Purchaser is not obliged to use installers recommended by River House Decor cc.

35. The Purchaser understands clearly, the Terms and Conditions of sale, as set out above in plain, simple, english.

36. Curtaining/Blinds/Headboard installations carry a 3 month warranty from date of installation.

37. No guarantee on fabric protection.

Our banking details are as follows:

Bank : First National Bank (First Rand ltd.)

Acc. No. : 62029359579

Branch : 252505

Reference : Your sales order number / Initial and Surname

Please call us on + 27 11 467 8396 / 7 for any queries or questions.

On the left you can download a copy of a blank sales order that needs to be signed and faxed back to us to commence orders.

Discount Structure :  

Value of Order = R5500.00 - R50 000.00 ( up to2.5% if paid by EFT )

Value of Order = R50 000.00 - R250 000.00 ( up to 3.5% if paid by EFT )

Value of Order = R375 000.00 + ( up to 5% if paid by EFT )

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