Wall Art can prove to be far more effective than the average wallcovering. Our Range of Wall art are generally sized at around  

Width 355CM x Height 250CM . These are packaged as one Roll, however contains 6 - 12 panels of wallpaper. The quality of the papers are generally the same in terms of durability. We do not recommend installation on rough surfaces. Stock Avail in +- 10 - 15 Working Days. Quicker Delivery times are avail. at additional costs. Please enquire by saving the picture/s you would like a quote on. The Wall Art can be applied over two walls as in picture on the left. Wall Art samples are not available, and colour may reflect differently from monitor to monitor. We do not recommend choosing colours according to the web images, rather have the Wall Art installed first before choosing other colours.

We have 3 ranges available:

Exclusive Range (Min. 5 - 15 Working Days)

Imported Range  (Min. 12 - 17 Working Days - No Express Delivery)

Childrens Range (Some avail. only in 12 - 17 Working Days)

We can also custom make digital prints to your specification and size, let us get a picture for you or you can supply your own.

Colours can be matched better this way as well as working out more affordable on a larger scale job. If you would like a quote please contact us.

Please note that you will see join lines when having these papers installed. This is a common problem, regardless of the installer used. When you use standard wallpaper it is harder to see the join lines as the same design is repeated. Please also note that once a panel has been damaged, the entire picture will have to be replaced. In terms of cost, the Wall Art is slightly more expensive as opposed to some standard wallpaper. Please note that some ranges vary in sizes. Use pictures as a reference only as colour will vary between your monitor and actual product.

Installation Costs between R3500.00 & R4800.00 per picture.