There are various types of wallpapers to choose from and an endless amount of designs by various manufacturers, most wallpapers come in a roll size of 52 cm wide by 10 meters long and this will usually amount to 1.5 meters wide by up to 3 m high when installed. Some wallpapers come in a wider width and some wallpapers come as a pre-printed (or custom made) set that will make up one large wall mural / picture.

wallpaper for walls
wallpaper for walls


Wallpaper prices vary vastly depending on the brand, type and quality of the design, our wallpapers range from around R799.00 per standard roll (in stock) with most in the region of R1 700.00 - R2 800.00 per standard roll.  Many imported Wallcoverings that have velvet flock, foiling, crystals or 3D effects range from R3 000.00 all the way up to R8 000.00 per standard roll or more.  We often assist clients in finding suitable choices for their specific tastes and budgets. 

luxury wallpapers
modern wallpapers


You can expect to pay around R300.00 per standard roll for installation as well as a call out fee (depending on the province in South Africa or neighboring  countries) and a discount is given depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.  High value wallcoverings do attract higher installation costs due to the additional time it will take to install the papers.  It is also important to remember that your wall or application area needs to be relatively smooth and if not, a faux concrete plastering needs to be applied, such as Gypsum Rhino-Light, before the wallpaper can be installed.  Send us a picture of your wall if you are unsure.

expensive wallpapers
roberto cavalli wallpaper


We have a wide range of physical sample books that is brought out to your home for on-site consultations and we also have a range of designs shown in the gallery below (click on one of the images to open the gallery).  Please note that the prices shown in the gallery below are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and availability (excl. VAT) while some may be subject to a surcharge if the less than 5 rolls are ordered.  Colors will vary from actual product compared to what is visible on your computer monitor or mobile device.  Contact Us for any further information or for an estimate.